Ten people out of ten would probably tell you that the best thing to do at night is to get a good, long sleep… what else could be the best reward after a long, stressful day?

Defined as ‘A period at night during which a person or group of people is stationed to look out for dangerous trouble .’ AND ‘A person or group of people stationed to look out for danger or trouble AT NIGHT.’, a night watch plays a key role in any institution.

The night time is the time for nefarious activities. The cover of darkness makes it easier for perpetrators of evil deeds to act. Remember that it was “..while men slept…” that the enemies acted.

However, light and darkness cannot coexist. Thus whenever light turns up in the darkness, the darkness flees and such area becomes bright. However, it is worth noting that darkness does not show up on it’s own accord. It is always lurking around waiting for light to depart or diminish. Hence the natural state of things (from the beginning of time) has been darkness.
Papa Paul and Silas were imprisoned for the sake of the gospel. The circumstances surrounding their arrest and imprisonment were appalling. Yet they found greater joy in their suffering so much so that they were able to pray and praise THROUGH THE NIGHT! Hello! What would be their lot if they had chosen to sleep – after all we can’t fault them on that [could we] ? They had journeyed all day through the city. They had been stripped and severely beaten [with wooden rods]. They were thrown into the inner dungeon of the prison and their feet were fastened. What else could have been expected of them than a good sleep – to forget about their pains and sorrows?
Yes they did not sleep but Apostle Peter did sleep when he was imprisoned after Apostle James had been killed. He slept what some people describe as the sleep of death. His sleep was so deep that after he had walked several meters he still thought he was in a trance! Hmmm…
Lest we forget, the greatest exodus in history started at about midnight. 600,000 men on foot! That’s discounting other men on camels or donkeys, women and children…
All these are few examples of the transition that occurred during the night. Victories won during the night. Destinies changed (for the better or worse) during the night.

The enemy came to sow tares WHILE MEN SLEPT.

So night does not necessarily mean the period between dusk and dawn.

It could very much be the period when we lose our guard.

When Habakkuk said “I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved…”, there was no room for guesswork neither was there any timeframe

The decision was simple and straightforward: I WILL STAND UPON MY WATCH.
I wouldn’t know if there are individuals who are ready and willing to take up this stand…



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