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The End of the Beginning…

“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth…” Genesis 1vs1

“…and then the end shall come” Matthew 24vs14


Now these are two very paradoxical statements or quotes from the Bible. To begin is to initiate or commence something while to end is to conclude or terminate something.

OK let’s take a really critical look at this.

God existed before this so-called beginning. The world was a void before this so-called beginning… So what exactly is this beginning all about? What is coming to an end? What is commencing?

Questions, questions and more questions

Yes beginning and ending are two stages or phases of transition but the truth is that for every end, there is a beginning and for every beginning, there is a corresponding end.

Now the beginning, as stated in the opening statement, is simply the commencement of time as we know it. Prior to this point, there was no time. And there will come another period when there will be no time: timelessness or Eternity. The interval between these two beginnings is what we know as time and it is available to everything and everyone in equal measure: a time to live and, more especially, a time to die. Everything about this life is temporary, worthless and time-dependent so much so that when time ends, they all end. The end [of time] shall definitely be defined – for some it will be by death and for others rapture. Whereas the mention of death fills even the bravest of men with a sense of foreboding, we should ask ourselves ‘why this absorbing fear of death’? Physical death occurs in a moment when the spirit leaves the body.

Rendering it Dead, Lifeless, Empty. This is when time grinds to a screeching halt. And at this same instant another life begins which is based entirely on the summary of the previous life.

I came across a graphic of the human body after death and it makes you wonder why we place so much care on this worthless container…

The eighth verse of the seventh chapter of the book of Ecclesiastics makes us know that ‘better is the end of a thing than the beginning’. The fact that we were born in sin, have lived our lives in sin does not mean we should continue to serve sin and eventually end up in sin. NO!

That He said “Behold I come quickly…” and over 2000 years later He has not come does not give us the license to lose our watch. He was [and is] the Prince of Peace from before time began and ‘of His Kingdom there shall be no end’ Luke 1vs33

Dear friend, our main concern should be our lot at the end. When everything that is time-dependent passes, are you confident of the ‘where’ and ‘how’ you shall spend it?


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