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Your home can be beautiful…

“Home is where the heart is”

―  Pliny the Elder

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”

― Stephanie Perkins

Your home is not your house filled with a woman (wife), children, some electronic gadgets, furniture et al.

NO! It is ‘the place’ , any place, where love flows freely in the heart of the occupants

You need a home. Not just a mansion.

Your home can be the best, if you work towards it.

However it would be catastrophic for you to think your ‘job’ [of home-building] starts after the wedding ceremony.


There are very few homes worthy of emulation today due to several factors.

No finger is being pointed. Neither is any praise being ascribed to these ‘few’. However, we need to see these ones as a template for building a better home: a Godly home.

There is nothing that says yours cannot be one of these few…

HOME I have been saying.

Yes. HOME.

A man can only take you to his house BUT it will take two of you to create a home.

While a house is a structure with several erect walls, a roof, several windows and some doors.

A home is ANY PLACE where there is ALWAYS one CONSTANT inhabitant – Love. 1 John 4:7-8

We know that

‘No other foundation can be laid aside that which has been laid… Jesus Christ our Lord.’

May I put forward these questions,

1. Do I want to raise kids or build a family ?

2. Do I want to raise them in a house I built or in a home?

3. Am I building on the correct foundation?

4. Will I have a home that I, my community and Heaven will be proud of?

Kids, wife and possessions are just components- bricks, plaster et cetera. If the foundation is anything other than love, then you might as well start pleading for grace.

A friend of a friend made a statement that hit me really hard and got me thinking

He said, “some men no longer attend marriage seminars because they have learnt enough about marriage and family life on how to (and how not to) treat a woman by merely observing the way and manner their father treated their mother”


Although I do not support boycotting marriage seminars, there is a point to ponder in there

Just how many men can boast to be one of such fathers?

How many homes can be cited in this direction?

There will be storms.

There will be troubles.

The home that stands to the end is that which is built on HIM

Your home CAN be beautiful IF you want it to be.

Your home SHALL be beautiful IF you let him in it…



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